Woodoc website has all the answers

Woodoc has a brand new look for its website... and solves all your queries at a glance.


The new Woodoc (Woodoc.com) website answers all your queries relating to protecting and nourishing all interior and exterior wood. Now you can pop onto the website and ask for advice on:

- Choosing the correct Woodoc product for a particular projects

- How to use the various Woodoc products

- FAQ's and Ask the Expert for any queries not covered in the website.

With their extensive range of interior and exterior sealers - both water borne and solvent based - it is easy for you to buy the right product off the shelf, secure in the knowledge that it's the proper product for your particular project.

Home-Dzine endorses the full range of Woodoc products, and have used and tested these products over the years. You will find detailed articles and step-by-step instructions for various projects on our website. Whether it's sealing new wood, renovating old wood, or annual maintenance - find all the information you need on Woodoc.

Why Woodoc

Deep penetration - Woodoc sealers penetrate deep into the wood and bond with it, giving it a flexible yet tough and resistant surface finish.

Allows wood to breathe - The Woodoc surface allows the wood to breath naturally. It works in harmony with the wood, much like bark does, to help combat ageing and deterioration.

Stays in harmony with the wood - This flexible Woodoc coating doesn't become brittle with age but stays in harmony with the wood.