Upcycle Old Shirts into Kiddies Clothing

Anyone handy with a sewing machine will enjoy this post that looks at upcycling old shirts into kiddies clothing.







Usually when shirts are no longer wearable is when they reach the stage where collars and cuffs are frayed or worn, but that doesn't mean the entire shirt is beyond use. I found quite a few posts where people are upcycling old shirts into beautiful and creative clothes for children, both boys and girls. They might not be party attire, but they are certainly ideal for playing around the house.






When the wallet is thin, we are all on the lookout for ways to save a bit here and there and making your own clothes, especially children's clothes that need to be replaced every couple of months, is a great way to save money. And you only need a sewing machine and basic sewing skills. If you're not sure how, there are plenty of sites on the web and YouTube that offer sewing tutorials.




For most of these upcycling projects, you only need to know a running stitch and zigzag stitch which are two of the easiest stitches to know.






Most men's shirts are cotton or a cotton blend and are soft enough after wearing to make them perfect for kiddies dresses and shirts. You don't even have to do much to cut out the shape either. It does help to have a basic pattern that you can use if you plan on making several items of clothing, and you can use brown paper for this. Just take measurements or use an old item of clothing as the template.






Because men's shirts are either just plain or striped, you should add a few embellishments to make them pretty. Fabric shops usually have a selection of embroidered patches, ribbons, tapes and trim that you can use to make girly dresses.







Ribbons and decorative trim add something different to upcycled shirts and make pretty dresses for everyday wear





The next time you are sorting out the closets or wardrobes, take a look at what you have and if there is any way to re-purpose clothing into useful items, whether for yourself or for your kids or grandkids, nephews or nieces. With the speed that children quickly outgrow their clothes, I'm sure any extras will be greatly appreciated.






Not just dresses, you can also use men's shirts to make onsies and dungarees. Denim shirts that have softened with age work very well for this and you can purchase added elasticated trim at fabric stores.






And last, but not least, we can't leave out the little guys and tomboys! This is when clothing needs to be extra tough and what could be tougher than upcycling an old pair of adult jeans into a pair of jeans for toddlers.







Upcycle old adult jeans into tough jeans or dungarees for little guys and tomboys!








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