Repurpose plastic spoons

I am still always on the lookout for ways to repurpose or reuse plastic and this chrysanthemum clock, by Cheryl at that's what she said, is such a funky way to put plastic spoons to use as a decorative clock. The clock itself is a cheapie that you can buy at almost any home decor store.


As the main backing for the decorative clock, you will need to cut out your circular shape to mount the spoons onto.
Cheryl used foam board, but it's not easy to find this product, so substitute with a heavy-weight card or piece of masonite.

I duplicated four things/areas from the back of my clock onto the board:

a. Centre rectangle for battery compartment ( to change batteries).

b. Circle at the top to hang your clock

c. Two holes on each side where the clock was fastened onto the original cardboard packaging. These spots you will use to fasten your foam board to the clock!

Spray paint the foam board before you start. Cut your spoons - I used regular scissors. After a few you find the “sweet spot” on the spoon where they cut really nicely! Don’t worry if some of the handle is still on as it will all get covered! I did a quick trial run and just placed the spoons (without glue) in a small section so I could get a hang of the spacing needed and the number of layers to fill the area.



Start spacing out your outside ring and get gluing. Hot glue works great, dries fast and holds the spoons on the foam board nicely! Continue until you have all the area covered, overlapping your line you previously drew to outline the clock!

I covered the face of the clock with paper and masking tape. I didn’t want a white clock and a yellow flower, so I needed to spray the clock yellow. A craft knife works well here to trim the tape perfectly with the curve of the outside rim of the clock.

After all my spoons were glued and clock face was protected, I took them outside and gave each some light, even coats of Rust-Oleum Sun Yellow spray-paint. The clock that Cheryl used is not one that I have seen here, so I would suggest that you use hot glue to attach the clock to the centre of the board, making sure to line up the holes at the back to change the battery and mount onto the wall.