Recycle CDs into clothes dividers

I have seen quite a few projects where CDs and stiff cardboard have been upcycled into clothes dividers for closet for a little girl or boy, or for separating clothes in an adult closet by days of the week, or seasons of the year. This is such an simple project that makes it easier to find clothes and is a great idea since we don't have these closet dividers available locally.



All you need to make your own closet dividers are some old CDs. Cut out a slot and enlarge the centre (if necessary) using a Dremel MultiTool and cutting disk and then cover with printed labels - or washi tape. If you don't have any old CDs - use fairly strong cardboard or card as a substitute.

Here are some labels that you can print out and enlarge to stick onto your CDs or cardboard closet dividers. Add extra protection by coating with a couple of layers of clear acrylic sealer - or ModPodge.