Recycle Plastic Bottles to Organise your Home Office

Recycle plastic shampoo or cleaning bottles to make this handy organiser for your home office, craft or hobby room.


This nifty organiser is made using plastic bottles and an inexpensive picture frame and is ideal for home office storage, or for in a craft or hobby room. The kids can also learn about recycling and make their own organiser for their bedroom or playroom.



1. Start collecting plastic bottles of the same type to use to make this wall organiser. They don't have the be the same colour as you can always use Rust-Oleum 2X

2. Use a marker pen to draw a line on all your plastic bottles. Ensure the cut line is in exactly the same place on all bottles.

3. Use sharp scissors to cut along the drawn line.

4. Take an inexpensive picture frame and spray paint the frame in a matching colour.


5. Add a backing to the glass that adds colour or a pattern to display on your organiser.

6. The cut bottles are hot glued onto the glass of your picture frame.

7. Working with one bottle at a time, place a blob of hot glue on the glass and quickly press a bottle in place.

GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure that all the bottles are equally spaced at the same width and height and then hang onto the wall for a practical wall organiser.



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