Quick Project: Turn a Door into a Shelf

Here's a quick and easy project to repurpose an old door into a practical shelf unit.


Whether you have an old door lying around, or you find an old door at a salvage yard or secondhand store, it's so easy to repurpose an old door into a practical shelf unit that would look great in any room. The best style of door for this particular project is one that has 4 panels, but you can basically use any old door as long as it's solid wood.



Drill / Driver plus 10mm wood bit

Jigsaw and clean-cut jigsaw blade

Wood glue

Wood primer and acrylic paint

Paintbrush and foam paint roller

Orbital Sander plus 80-, 120- and 240-grit sanding pads

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1. You will be removing the top section of the door. Using a 10mm wood bit, drill a hole in one corner to allow you to insert a jigsaw blade.

2. Cut out the opening with a jigsaw. All the wood removed from the top half of the door, put aside to use for the shelves.

3. Sand the opening around the edges and measure up to cut shelves to fit into the space.

4. Cut and sand the shelves. The shelves should have a slot cut at both ends - snug fit - for fitting over the inside of the door. Glue and clamp the shelves.

5. Sand everything nice and smooth and then apply primer and paint in your choice of colour.