Get creative with recycled materials

From time to time, whilst endlessly browsing the Internet, I come across some truly genuine ideas for recycling items in the home. These are just some of the projects that I have stumbled across, and I will be adding many more.



This is a green idea everyone should try. Many of us always keep pretty bottles with the hope that they could someday become lamps or glasses or some such. It takes a bit of practice but you can use a glass cutter to score around the bottom of the bottle until it breaks - wrap duct tape above and below where you will be scoring.

Box Lights
Don't throw out those packaging boxes just yet! CFL fluorescent bulbs do not produce as much heat as a standard light bulb, which means that you can use them quite safely for one of these recycled lighting projects.

Bear in mind when using packaging for lighting projects - always allow plenty of air circulation.





Bottled Decor

Fashioned as screens, curtains or room dividers, Michelle Brand strings together the flower-like bottoms of plastic bottles for her repurposed creations. Add some sparkle to your display with strings of fairy lights - perfect for any special occasion.

Colourful Crayations

Recycle bits of crayons into fun shapes that the kids can use over and over again. Use an empty can and put one colour into each can. Place the cans in a pot with water up to a third of the can. Use slow heat until the wax melts and then carefully pour into cookie or chocolate moulds and allow to cool.

Our very own recycled wine rack using various tin cans. Visit the Craft Section for full details on how to make this project.