Quick Project: Make Rope Storage Baskets for Child's Bedroom

To make these rope storage baskets all you need is a recycled plastic bottle or container, a large piece of cardboard and fabric and some rope.






You can never have enough storage in a home and finding attractive storage solutions isn't all that easy. Rope baskets are lightweight and great for storage - even for a children's bedroom and they are easy to make with just a few materials and supplies that you will find at your local Builders store.




Find a selection of natural rope products online or at your nearest Builders Warehouse




To make the storage baskets you will need to recycle a large plastic container. This can be a water bottle that is damaged, a plastic paint or HTH bucket or even an old bucket. As long as whatever you use is the right size and not harmful to use indoors. It should also be large enough for storage purposes.

There are all different types of natural rope at Builders and I prefer these to nylon ropes but you can also use nylon rope if you want to make the storage baskets in different colours for a children's bedroom or playroom.



Recycle a plastic container

Natural rope

Hot glue gun

Large piece of cardboard or stiff card

Make up a cotton or linen bag to fit inside the container










Step 1

Source the plastic container you will use for the shape and cut away the top if there is one. Try to make the cut as neat as possible as this will be the top edge of your storage basket.





Step 2

Cut a piece of cardboard or thick card to wrap around the container to give the basket the perfect outline once wrapped with rope





Step 3

Start by using a hot glue gun at one end of the rope and along the bottom of the cardboard-covered container. This will hold the rope in place as you begin to wrap the rope around the container. Make sure to wrap tightly around and continuously stop to push the rope together to remove any gaps.



GOOD TO KNOW: If you need to use more than one length of rope to finish wrapping the container, ensure the new rope blends in with the old rope and hot glue in place.







Step 4

Before you reach the top section of the container, insert the cotton or linen bag so that it overhangs on the outside of the container. Allow the fabric to drape over the edge of the container - as shown below. Now you can continue to wrap the rope around until you reach the edge of the fabric liner and, once again, fasten this off with a hot glue gun.


Make sure to wrap the rope tightly around the cardboad-covered container




Step 5

Cut two lengths of rope for the handles and push these down under the wrapped rope and secure in place with the hot glue gun. And you're finished!


Make sure not to hinder the ability to remove the cotton or linen bag so that this can be removed for washing when necessary.








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