Reclaimed pallets as wine rack

Today I was going to make a wine rack using reclaimed pallets, but after seeing all the amazing ways to use pallets to make a wine rack - I'm taking the day off. Instead I'm showing you all the ideas for a pallet wine rack that I came across. I never knew there were so many ways to make a wine rack using reclaimed pallets!

A simple search revealed so many different options for making a wine rack using wood pallets, from plain and simple, to fancy wine racks that even allow you to hang your wine glasses.



Most of the pallet wine racks that I came across are fairly simple in design, and each one has its own extra touches here and there. If you plan to make your own wine rack, whether using PAR pine or reclaimed wood pallets, make one that you would like to see hanging on the wall in your home.

The same applies for finishing off your pallet wine rack. Some prefer to leave their wine racks au naturelle, others add a limewash finish or stain in a dark wood colour before applying varnish. There are no rules here and you can stain, varnish or paint a wine rack to fit in with your existing decor.

If you really want to bring out the grain in the wood for your wine rack, use a Dremel VersaFlame (blowtorch) to lightly burn the grain, as we did with our rustic cupcake stand.

With your pallets in hand, before you start crafting your wine rack, put on your thinking cap and design a wine rack that will look good on a wall in your home. There are some weird and tacky wine racks out there that I would be embarrassed to have on display. And while you might be using reclaimed timber, it's still nice to put that timber to good use.

Wine bottles should be stored so that the sediment in the wine bottle settles at the side or base of the bottle, and not where the cork is! At the end of the day, not all pallet wine racks are created equal... there are those that take design to a new level, like this wall mounted rack below.