Ideas for using reclaimed window frames

We have looked at ways to re-purpose a reclaimed door, or how to re-purpose old drawers, so how about even more ideas for repurposing a window frame. Take a Sunday drive out into the country and pop into vintage dealers, pawn shops and secondhand stores to pick up a window frame or two and be creative...

Use self-adhesive vinyl and craft paint to create your own art for a reclaimed window frame. Mount this above a fireplace, in an entrance, or on any wall that needs a bit of love and attention!

In a vintage kitchen this reclaimed salvage window frame looks perfect when mounted within the existing window. It adds wonderful detail, and you could also use glass paints and liquid lead to create a stained glass effect.

Not just a window frame but the entire assembly... this reclaimed window frame adds a touch of charm to a room and the decorating elements can be swapped and changed according to the season or holiday.

In a coastal-themed bathroom or home decorated in shabby chic style, add a mirror and shelf to an old window frame and voila! an instant feature.



Arched window frames found at a salvage yard are turned into beautiful distressed mirrors to decorate an eclectic living room. Take window frames along to any glass and mirror supplier so that they can cut to exact shape and size.

Creating a photo wall with window frames is a popular idea that everyone seems to love.

Instead of making cabinet doors from scratch, why not scout around and see if you can find reclaimed or salvaged window frames as doors.

Turning a reclaimed or salvaged window into a storage coffee table is not a new idea, but I still think it's a great way to re-purpose an old window frame. Do fit safety glass rather than standard glass.

Use an old window frame to create a focal point or feature above a bed rather than fitting a headboard. The window frame above has been filled with wallpaper scraps that incorporate colours already used in the bedroom.

We couldn't find a suitable window frame for our vintage framed picture gallery so we made our own!

If you need to close off any open plan space, or create a private corner, using reclaimed or salvaged picture frames adds a quirky touch to a modern apartment.

Why not use reclaimed or salvaged window frames to create unique artwork for a feature wall. The frames  above aren't filled with art or photos, but still create a lovely focal point on a stair case.

Great idea for using reclaimed or salvaged window frames is to incorporate them into home design. Above: Window frames have been used to close off a sections of the open plan kitchen by placing them on top of a beadboard panel.