Polystyrene roses and flowers

Did you know that polystyrene cannot be recycled and that it does not degrade over time. The polystyrene tray that holds your fresh lettuce, or egg carton filled with fresh eggs, piles up on our landfills and dumps for eternity. If there is one plastic product that needs to be discontinued, it's polystyrene. In the meantime, let's keep this product off our trash heaps and look for ways to recycle it in our homes.



Make these flowers out of polystyrene trays or egg cartons and then use them to decorate gifts, or add to a decorative border around a frame.




1. Cut up the egg cartons carefully and separate all the individual containers. Round off the edges so that you have circular-shaped cups. Although these petals are only snipped with a pair of scissors, you can shape them if you wish.

2. To make the centre bud cut a strip from the lid or tray. You could also substitute with tissue paper. Wrap the strip to create the bud shape and then fasten the end closed with a sewing or drawing pin.

3. To complete the flower, place two cut cups together and position the bud on top. Secure the bud to the cups with a sewing pin. You can also use a hot glue gun to fasten the sections together, but be sure to set on the lowest heat setting.