Windchime made from recycled tins

Here's a great way to make a unique windchime using recycled cans and spoons and painting in your favourite colour. Hang them on the patio or in your garden.

Use a drill/driver and 5mm HSS steel bit to drill holes in the centre of each tin can. To stop the drill bit for spinning when you start drilling, pop down on the tin to make a dent and this will hold it better.



Paint the cans with acrylic paint in your choice of colour. You don't need to be too perfect here... go for a more rustic look that blends with the design theme. Bottles are great for holding the cans in place as you paint all the way around in one go.

Wrap a length of twine, string or wool around your teaspoons. Make sure that you make the string long enough to hang up at the end.

Now thread the string with the spoon on it through the hole in each tin base.

Arrange all the strings together at the top and adjust for the height of each tin. You want them to hang as nicely as possible. Tie a knot to hold all the strings together and hang !