Christmas Star with Paper Cups

These water-cooler paper cups are great for making a Christmas star and you can leave them white, as below, or spray them with Rust-Oleum Universal metallic spray in pure gold or titanium silver.







Approximately 30 to 40 paper cups
Dremel Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks














Step 1
Apply a few small drops of hot glue to the rim of a cup and quickly adhere a second cup to the first, rim to rim. Make nine glued pairs and let dry.





Step 2
Glue these nine pairs together to form a circle. Apply hot glue near the bottoms of the cones, as shown left.





Step 3
Glue nine cups on top of the circle to form a second layer; let dry.



Step 4
Glue four additional cups on top of the previous layer and let dry.



Step 5
If you want to hang the star on a wall, attach a string to the back of one of the cups using the hot glue gun.