Tame your storage with glass jars!

Recycling glass containers and jars for storage is still a wonderful way to keep your kitchen, bathroom and home office neat and organised.



Kitchens and bathrooms, as well as other rooms in the home, can always do with a bit of extra storage, and why not make recycle what you already have and save a bit of money in the process. Glass containers and jars are so easy to upcycle into handy storage containers, and it's also easy to add a bit of decoration if you want something pretty or practical.



In the kitchen, open shelves are an easy solution for a kitchen design that lacks a lot of cupboards or storage space. An arrangement of glass jars is great for storing dry ingredients, pasta and oils, and you can make it look like an attractive feature when teamed up with an interesting plant or two, your favourite cookery books and some nice crockery.


Most of us already have glass jars in the home, since a wide selection of our monthly groceries are packed in glass jars. Once these are empty, many of us toss these in the trash, while others rinse them out and recycle. If you're still tossing out glass containers and jars, perhaps it's time to think again, especially since these can be so useful for storage in many rooms of the home.

Just like glass can be used to display foods to best effect, so can it be used to store other items. In the kitchen you can display a collection of similar shapes and sizes for herbs and spices, loose foods, and products that you want to keep fresh for longer. Keep the original lid and disguise this with spray paint, Contact paper or fabric, or see the bottom of this page to find out how you can make your own wooden lids - for any size of container or jar.


Glass is attractive in any shape or form. It's Mother Nature's way of providing us with a storage solution that won't harm the environment and can be used over and over again. Mason Jars, Ball Jars, glass food jars and containers, in fact, any jar can serve a new purpose in the home for taming clutter and keeping your home organised.

In a home office, bedrooms, den or living room, glass is perfect for adding extra storage to corral clutter that normally fills up bedside cabinets and desks. If you prefer to add some pizzazz to glass containers, use spray paint to change the colour, add colourful fabric tops, or glue interesting paper onto the jars to jazz up your desk. 

The video below shows how easy it is to make your own wooden lids for glass containers and jars. Don't use less than a medium-hardwood such as Meranti, or your choice of hardwood.



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