Make use of fabric scraps for decor projects

I’m wondering if you are like me – and have tons of fabric scraps left over from projects past.  These fabric scraps are too small to make another dress (or bag or quilt), but you can very well throw them away, can you?  Of course not!  I’ve found some great projects that you can sew with those very fabric scraps.  The projects range from home decor to accessories to gift items. 


Give a gift bag
Instead of spending a small fortune on gift bags, save your fabric scraps and embellish plain bags with your own unique creations. All you need are some bags, some fabric and a hot glue gun.

Throw a party
Use fabric scraps to make your own reusable party banners and bunting. Sew fabric onto bias or ribbon.

Dress it up
A pair of bargain pumps or shoes look so pretty when dressed up with scrap fabric flowers. Sew different coloured and patterned scraps onto the front on the shoes. You will find detailed instructions here.

Hang up some colour
Make a mobile with colourful scraps of fabric and hang up in a nursery or children's bedroom. Children, especially babies and tots, love bold, bright colours and you can so easily make up a mobile with scraps of fabric cut into basic shapes. And while on the subject of babies...





Scrappy bibs
Here's a great way to have plenty of bibs on hand when you need them. Fabric scraps are great for bibs. You will find instructions at Zaaberry for making scrappy baby bibs. Once you've nailed the basic design you can make as many as you like - even making them for family and friends. Or start up a business!

Hang it up
Repurpose old wire coathangers into whimsical creations by wrapping with fabric scraps. If you need detailed instructions for this project you will find them here.

Take note
Old wooden pegs covered with scraps of fabric can be used in so many ways. Use them to hang up bunting [above], stick them onto a fridge to hold notes and messages, keep opening packets tightly closed. Prudent baby uses them to hold gift tags in place, while Baby Jives uses fabric scraps to create wonderful gift tags ...

... or create unique greeting cards.

Canned fun
Wrap up tin cans with fabric to create your own party favours - fill with a selection of small gifts and sweets. Or turn them into organisers for small items for a home office or children's bedroom.

Shabby roses
Use fabric scraps to create flowers and roses to decorate wreaths, hair clips, make brooches, and even to decorate gifts. via