Repurpose an old stepladder

They might be invaluable in reaching high areas, but I have come across some wonderful unique ways to repurpose old ladders in unexpected ways. If you have an old ladder at the bottom of the garden, tacking up space in a garage, or tucked out of sight at the back of hut, here are some ways to turn this part-time helper into a full-time organizer.

Hang Pots & Pans

Hang a rustic ladder from the ceiling on chains and use S-hooks to hang up your pots and pans. Feel free to leave your stepladder natural, just be sure to sand away any rough spots to avoid splinters. A little bit of age and wear make furniture fit the country farmhouse look all the better!



Sort & Show Off Magazines

Place your ladder in a living room, office or bedroom and drape a magazine over each rung. When you show off your favourite glossies, they won’t get lost in the shuffle, and you’ll remember to switch new ones in and old ones out.

Create Practical Shelving

Mount your ladder to a wall and use the side supports as shelving for framed artwork and décor. If the width of your ladder allows, consider leaning books against its rungs or steps.

You can use a large or small stepladder to create practical shelving. Hang it upright or horizontal, but make sure that you fasten to the wall properly.

Make Space for Shoes

Ladders with rungs are perfect for heels! Simply hang a pair on each rung, using the heel to hold the shoe in place. Organize shoes from most-used at the bottom to least-used at the top. Step ladders can also help you organize up - just set a pair of shoes on each step.

Hang Towels or Textiles

Prop a ladder against a bathroom wall and use the rungs to hang towels. This technique is also handy for drying towels in the kitchen or displaying decorative textiles in a living room or bedroom.

Fashion an End Table

Transform a small step ladder into an end or bedside table. Even if your ladder is metal, with a fresh coat of paint, you can turn it into something special, perfect for holding a clock, lamp, décor accents, remotes, tissues and more.

Assemble Easy Layered Shelves

Start with an A-frame ladder and lay a board across each layer of steps to create shelves. Try using your new organizer in a living room, bathroom or craft room. It’s great for adding shabby chic, rustic, country farmhouse appeal to the kitchen, too. Use it to hold often-used kitchen tools that won’t fit on a counter or in cabinets.