Quick Project: Decorative Cardboard Vases

These decorative cardboard vases are easy to make and will add colour and interest to a windowsill or shelf.


Make these decorative cardboard vases using recycled cardboard tubes and a plastic bottle, with some easily added detail.



Cardboard tubes

White paper

Acrylic paints

Craft glue



Ruler and pencil




1. Cut a cardboard tube to the desired height and then cut a piece of white paper to fit around the tube.

2. Crumple the paper in your hands and then unfold and smooth out.

3. Apply craft glue over the outside of the cardboard tube. Place the smoothed paper over the outside of the tube.

4. To accentuate the design, pinch some of the folds on the paper between your fingers The more folds you have the more detailed the final effect will be.   


GOOD TO KNOW: Leave the glue to dry overnight before painting.




5. Use a paintbrush and acrylic paint to add colour to your vase.

6. You may need to apply several coats. Let the paint dry.

7. Apply a dry brush of contrasting colour over the top of the first colour. Have a kitchen towel handy to dab off any excess paint.  You only really want colour on the relief areas.

8. Cut out a plastic bottle that will fit inside the cardboard roll and place inside to put your flowers in the water. 



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