Turn old Bicycle Wheel into Unique Wall Clock

If you've got an old bicycle that you want to toss out - see how you can transform this into a unique wall clock for your home.


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Here's a great way to reinvent the bicycle - turn an old bicycle wheel into a unique wall clock for you home. It's an interesting idea that will turn any wall into an eye-catching feature wall, and it will cost practically nothing to make, other than the tools and supplies you need, as well as a clock mechanism.

So, what would you need to upcycle an old bicycle wheel into an oversized wall clock? You can buy everything you need for this project at your local Builders store or hardware store.





You will need supplies to clean off any old rust and prepare the wheel for painting, such as Rust-Oleum Rust Stripper, some steel wool to clean the metal parts, and then you can spray the wheel with a Rust-Oleum metallic spray to complement your room decor and bring a shimmer of metallics to a wall.


You're also going to need a clock movement and clock numbers for your wall clock. Depending on the size of the wheel, you might also be able to buy these at Builders, or make your own by cutting them out of 3mm Masonite or hardboard and then spraying them your choice of colour. To find a company that supplies clock movements and clock hands, use Google and enter these items into the search bar. There are plenty of companies in South Africa that supply and ship clock movements and hands.

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If you prefer a more vintage or rustic effect for your bicycle wheel wall clock, don't bother with the spray paint, and leave a little rust behind and then simply add your clock movement and hands and mount onto the wall.

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