Make Reclaimed Pallet Furniture Look Good

I'm all for the fact that reclaimed pallet wood is great for making furniture, but at least make sure it looks good too!




While I like the idea of making projects for free - or very little cost - when using reclaimed pallet wood, I have seen plenty of DIY projects using pallet wood that looks like, well.. they were made with pallet wood, which is fine if you want it that way. When I am making a project, I want it to look like something I bought and not something that was slapped together and this article will hopefully help you to achieve a much nicer finish for your reclaimed pallet wood project.







Prepping Reclaimed Pallet Wood

When you manage to get your hands on a pallet or two and strip this down or use as is, the wood itself has a very rough finish. It isn't easy to sand this with a multi- or orbital sander unless you are prepared to put in a lot of time and effort. To sand down timber this rough, you need to use a sander that removes a lot of surface material. A belt sander is perfect, or you can convert your angle grinder into a sander by using a flap disc. Both of these options allow you to remove quite a bit of surface material without too much effort.



After removing the rough finish you can then switch over to using an orbital sander to complete the job. Start with an 80- or 120-grit sandpaper to remove any remaining rough surface material and then switch over to 180- or 240-grit to finish off and leave a smooth finish.


Painting Reclaimed Pallet Wood

You can use any type of paint, stain, sealer or varnish to finish off your pallet wood furniture, but these days many like to use chalk paint. Not just because it is easy to use, but mostly due to the fact that it gives a one hundred percent matt finish that hides any imperfections. And when you are working with pallet wood, even after intensive sanding, there may still be a few dings and dents here and there.



You can apply a chalk paint with a brush or paint roller, depending on the finish you want. Using a paintbrush will leave visible brushstrokes that many people like to see, while others prefer a smoother finish that is achieved by using a paint roller. Two coats of chalk paint should be enough to cover your pallet wood furniture.







Make A Quick And Easy Love Seat

This reclaimed pallet love seat is perfect for in a family room or den, or outdoors on a covered patio. It's just long enough to comfortably seat two, and hence the name love seat. To make this love seat all you need is three reclaimed wood pallets, sanded and painted and then placed on top of each other.



To join the two pallets together, use steel brackets and screws along the thicker pieces and these will be enough to secure the two pallets.



To finish off your pallet love seat, add the back piece, again using steel brackets and screws.

Apply two coats of a chalk paint top coat or clear polyurethane sealer to protect and make it easier to keep your pallet love seat clean. 

Add a seat cushion and your new love seat is ready for use!


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