Upcycle an  Old Coffee Table with Tile

These days it is all about upcycling, taking something old and perhaps unwanted and turning it into a feature piece for your home, like this old coffee table given a new life with a tile top.






These days upcycling is the name of the game as we look for ways to re-purpose old furniture and items that would normally get tossed out or donated. Buying new furniture isn't always an option but spending a bit of money to upcycle furniture not only saves you money, you also have furniture you need for a home at a fraction of the cost of what you would spend on new.

There are hundreds of ideas on the Internet for upcycling all types of furniture but this particular project shows how you can use tiles to upcycle a coffee table.




Cotto Patchwork EcoTec Tile from Italtile
600 x 600mm @ R239 / m²





Pavimento Centro Florentine Blue Ceramic Tile from Italtile 200 x 200mm @ R490 / m²





Porcelain Flower FT2301 Tiles from Builders
230 x 200mm @ R309 / m²






Tile adhesive/grout


Tile cutter (if required)

Trowel or paint scraper

Pine moulding

Painter's tape

Tape measure and pencil



better homes and gardens magazine









1. Before you go out to purchase tiles, draw a basic sketch of the size of the tabletop and calculate how many tiles you will need and if they will require cutting to fit. We left a large border around the tiles to accommodate for the size of the tiles and have a pine moulding trim around the outside of the tiles.

2. Mask off the edge around the tabletop to protect from damage.

3. Place a thick layer of tile adhesive/grout over the top of the table before bedding individual tiles on the top. You can space these evenly while the adhesive is still wet.

4. Cut the pine moulding to fit around the edges and embed in the adhesive.

5. Leave to dry and then remove the painter's tape and clean up the tiles to remove excess adhesive/grout. If there are any missing areas, fill in and let dry and then wipe clean.



Atenea Ceramic Tile from CTM
200 x 200mm @ R 249.90 / m²






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