What to do with a tree stump that's left in the garden?

When you need to have a large tree cut down in the garden, using a tree feller can cost anywhere from R2000 upwards, depending on the size of the tree - and that's just to cut the tree down to size. That means you are left with a stump, unless you plan on digging up the entire garden to remove the stump and its roots. So what can you do with a tree stump that's left behind?


The problem with having a large - or even smallish - tree cut down is that removing the remaining stump and digging out the root ball can take a lifetime of weekends and totally destroy your garden. So, rather than digging out a tree stump we looked for ways to put that tree stump to good use!

Depending on where the tree stump is located, you could use it as  a table or as a plant stand for baskets of colourful annuals.

Even a low stump can be chiselled out with an axe to create the perfect place to pot of a colourful arrangements of plants.

If you don't want to go to the trouble of chiselling out a hole, use the tree stump as a plant stand.

A bird bath or standing water feature are another way to turn a tree stump into an attractive feature in a garden.

Put your creative talents to good use and use reclaimed or recycled materials to make a bird house to sit on top of a tree stump. This easily become an eye-catching feature in the garden. 

Probably one of the best ways to put a tree stump to good use is to re-purpose it into a table. You have a variety of options for topping off the stump; us reclaimed wood or a pallet for a rustic table top, or use laminated pine and top this with a layer of galvanised tin.



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