Make a coffee table using crates

For this easy crate coffee table you can use reclaimed crates, make your own crates using reclaimed wood, or use PAR pine (available at your local Builders Warehouse) to make your own crates. You can even add castor wheels onto the base of your crate coffee table to make it mobile.



4 crates
4 x 30mm screws (or 16mm screws for thinner wood)
Wood filler
120- + 240-grit sandpaper
Plascon Wood Primer
Plascon Velvaglo (or choice of finishing)
Drill/Driver + assorted bits
Countersink bit




1. You will need 4 crates to make the coffee table shown in this project. This arrangement is nice as it allows for plenty of storage with the crates on their sides. You could even add a shelf to each compartment for even more storage options.

2. Do a test fitting with the crates before you fasten them together. You may find that some edges need sanding to allow for the crates to be perfectly flush. Of course, if you are using reclaimed crates or making your own crates with reclaimed wood - any imperfections just add to the detail.

3. Join the crates together by pre-drilling a 3mm pilot hole through the side and into the base of the next crate. Use a countersink bit on each pilot hole and then use 4 x 30mm screws to join. If the wood is quite thin, use 16mm screws to join. Fill the holes with wood filler, let this dry and then sand.

4. Apply wood primer to the crates with a paintbrush or foam roller. If you want a more rustic look for your crate coffee table use a stain and finish off with antique wax, sealer or varnish, depending on the type of finish you prefer. See a similar rustic crate coffee table below.

Here is the finished crate coffee table painted with Plascon Velvaglo. Using an enamel paint means the table is prevented from spills and is easy to keep clean.