Make your own glass bottle cutter

Recycle glass wine bottles into glasses and chandeliers by making your own wine bottle cutter. This solid wine bottle cutter can be made using a few supplies available at your local Builders.



Glass and tile cutter

PAR pine, 20 x 96mm scraps or 1800mm length

Steel brackets and 16mm screws

Wood glue




1. Cut 5 pieces of pine 100mm wide x 200mm high (or 20mm longer than the length of the tile cutter).

2. On two pieces cut a 'V' shape at one end. These should be identical and the size should accommodate half the diameter of a wine bottle.

4. Use a wine bottle as a guide, draw a line down from the top edge of the 'V' shape where the wine bottle contacts to help you to correctly position the glass and tile cutter. If you want to cut smaller (beer) bottles as well, move the cutter in about 10mm. It is important that the cutter (roller) is able to make contact with any bottles.


5. The glass and tile cutter is secured to the side of the box using clamps. Place these near the bottom half of your glass cutter.

6. Sand all the sections before gluing in place. Clamp overnight.


Now you are ready to begin your first wine cutting project... have fun!



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