Make a Cute Bird Feeder

Recycle yoghurt cartons into a cute bird feeder. This is a great project for young kids, with adult supervision.


These cute, colourful bird feeders can be hung up around the garden to attract birds. They're made from old yoghurt containers and a few additional items.





Clean yoghurt container

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint

Ice cream stocks

Chopsticks or thin dowels

Length of string

Wild bird seed


Hot glue gun

Craft knife and cutting mat

Pencil and ruler







1. Make sure the yoghurt container is clean and dry and then apply two coats of Rust-Oleum 2X in your choice of colour. Be sure to shake the can well and hold about 30cm away from the container.

2. Cut all the ice cream sticks in half. Use a sharp craft knife, steel ruler and cutting mat.



3. Heat up the glue gun and apply a bead of glue to the ice cream sticks to make the roof of the bird feeder.





4. Draw an opening at the front and back of the container and cut this out with a craft knife. Also cut small cross shapes just below the openings.



5. Push in the chopsticks or dowels to make perches for the birds to sit on.



6. Make a hole at the top of the bird feeder to thread a length of string through for hanging the feeder outdoors and fill with wild bird seed.






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