Refresh a tired Bathmat

Grab some colourful wool and give your tired bathmat a fluffy, luxurious makeover!


Here's a clever way to refresh a tired and flat bathmat using regular wool. It works out far cheaper than buying a new bathmat and you can make it as fluffy as you want for that luxurious touch underfoot.


Coloured wool

Strips of cardboard


Hot glue gun

GOOD TO KNOW: Use leftover wool in different colours to make a vibrant coloured, fluffy bathmat.




1. Cut strips of cardboard to the width of your bathmat and 40mm wide. You can make the strips wider for a fluffier finish. Wrap your wool along the length of the cardboard strip. Pack the wool tightly together for more fluff.

2. Wrap until the end of the cardboard strip and then run your glue gun along one long side.

3. Working quickly, place the glued side down at one end of your bathmat and press in place. Use scissors to cut open the other long side and remove the strip of cardboard.



4. Repeat the wrap and glue method above to add more strips to your bathmat.



GOOD TO KNOW: The more strips you can squeeze onto the bathmat, the more luxurious the finished texture.

5. Continue adding strips until you reach the end of the bathmat.

6. Use your hands to fluff up the wool for a thick fluffy pile and your new bathmat is ready for use.



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