Recycle or Upcycle Ice Cream Tubs

Don't throw out those ice cream tubs when there are so many ways to recycle or upcycle these for use in the home.



The other day I was cleaning out my 'recycle stuff' cupboard and noticed that I had accumulated quite a few ice cream tubs (don't judge - I love ice cream!). There are plenty of ways to use ice cream tubs as storage containers, as you will see below, but none quite as pretty as these.



I would never have looked at these decorated tubs and said that they were recycled ice cream tub. Each container is wrapped in a pretty printed fabric, decorated with a fabric flower and topped off with a handle. You could use these for all your sewing or knitting odds and ends, for your daughter's hair accessories. or even as a handy carry case for your makeup and supplies. In fact, there are so many uses for these storage containers.








Cleaned plastic ice cream tub

Choice of fabric or wrapping paper to cover

Ribbon or trim for embellishment

Craft glue

Small paintbrush (5cm wide)

Hot glue gun

180-grit sandpaper

Choice of handle and 16mm screws

Tape measure, fabric type

ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer



1. With the 120-grit sandpaper roughen up the exterior surface of the container and lid. This will help the glue to have something to grip onto.

2. Use your tape measure to measure the dimensions of the tub and the lid so that you can cut the fabric or wrapping paper to wrap around the container and the lid.

3. Dip the paintbrush in the craft glue and apply a thin layer all over the container. Repeat this step and the steps below to decorate the lid.

4. Carefully place the fabric or wrapping paper on the container, applying a bit of glue to the ends of the fabric to stick down. Make sure that there are no air bubbles. Use your fingers to gently ease these out at the top and bottom of the fabric or wrapping paper.

5. Stick any ribbon or trim over the edges of the fabric to cover this up and secure onto the container with a hot glue gun. You can also use the hot glue gun to add any more embellishments that you want for your storage container.

6. Pre-drill [2] small holes in the centre of lid for attaching the handle of choice and tighten this in place with 16mm screws. Depending on the handle you select, you may need to use a bit of 2-part epoxy glue on the screws and holes in the handle to ensure a secure fitting. You don't want the handle to fall off when you are carrying the container.








With the festive season almost upon us, I couldn't resist including a way to use ice cream tubs to make Christmas gift containers. Use fabric or paper to craft the tops for the containers - tied off with a bow - and bits of faux fur to finish off the Santa design. A hot glue gun will make it easy to complete this project in no time at all. - 345932815134898175/




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