Recycled plastic spoon Protea vases

Give me any opportunity to use recycled materials for projects and I will definitely take on the challenge. After a recent Valentine's dinner, I received a grocery bag full of plastic spoons. I have had the idea of using spoons to make decorative vases for quite a while but wanted to combine this with my collection of saved glass jars, tins, plastic tubs and bottles.


I have made the plastic spoon roses and the plastic spoon pendant light - now it's time to try my hand at a plastic spoon vase. If you plan to do this project don't buy the spoons, rather recycle used plastic spoons, or it would defeating the idea of recycling!

For this project you will only need the spoon end and can cut off the stem with a pair of sharp scissors. Don't worry about rough edges, as these will be covered up by the layers of spoons on top. Stick the spoons around the top of your container with hot glue.

Add alternating layers of plastic spoons from the top to just above the base of the container you are using.



At the bottom of the container cut the spoons neatly and glue around the base to finish off.

Now that I have made one with a glass jar, I want to see how it looks on a small can. I have plenty of these tomato paste cans and have been waiting for an opportunity to use them.

I stick the plastic spoons on in exactly the same way as I did for the glass jar. Because it's such a small can you will obviously need less spoons.

Around the base of the can, rather than lay the spoons flat, I arranged them to look like a water lily. I'm sure this will float on water and would be nice with battery-operated tea light inside and left to float on a pool or pond for a special occasion.