Recycle CD's into a gorgeous shimmering kitchen backsplash

If you still have some old CDs lying around, here's a unique way to use these to create a shimmering bathroom or kitchen backsplash.








You can cut the CD's if you have a decent pair of scissors. We rely on the Olfa brand when it comes to cutting; from detailed cutting for craft projects, to heavy duty cutting, and their SCS scissors are unbeatable when it comes to general craft and hobby projects. You will find a wide range of Olfa cutting tools at your local Builders.





Another alternative for cutting precise shapes is to use a Dremel Multitool and Diamond Cutting Wheel #SC545. Secure the CD onto a scrap of pine using masking tape, pop on your safety glasses and set the multitool on high speed to cut out sections. You will find great prices on Dremel tools and accessories at





After cutting all your CD's into useable shapes, arrange these according to shape and size to make it easier to fit pieces into available spaces. In this project the CD pieces were glued onto the wall using an adhesive such as No More Nails, but you can also use a mosaic tile adhesive if there are defects in the wall, as this will help to smooth the wall for better effect once finished.





Leave overnight and then apply tile grout in your choice of colour, in this instance a dove grey grout colour was applied. A plastic credit card was used to apply the grout mixture, but any plastic grout application will do. Let the grout dry for an hour or two and the wipe the surface with a damp sponge to clean off the excess grout. Have a bucket of water handy to keep rinsing the sponge until all the excess has been removed.





Once the grout is completely dry you can use a soft cloth to wipe away any remaining haze or dust. DO apply a grout sealer where grout needs to be regularly cleaned, such as for a backsplash.





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