Apply Textured, Paintable Wallpaper to Furniture

Wallpaper doesn't have to be just for walls and textured, paintable wallpaper brings detail when applied to plain furniture.






I think that I may have done something on this topic before, but I really do love how you can use textured and paintable wallpaper to add a new dimension to plain furniture if you are giving it a makeover or upcycling. Paintable wallpaper isn't your ordinary, thin wallpaper; it is much thicker and easier to work with and can easily be painted over in any type of paint to bring a textured or detailed pattern to all kinds of furniture.





Textured, paintable wallpaper, also known as anaglypta, has been around for well over a hundred years, making it one of the oldest types of wallpaper around. Used as a decorating medium in the 1800s, anaglypta wallpaper has been revived as a decorating medium and as a way to give any piece of furniture a new look. What makes textured, paintable wallpaper so popular when applied to furniture is that it can be used to cover imperfections or bring something new to plain furniture that is lacking in detail.




Imagine the detail that you can add to any piece of furniture simply by using textured or embossed paintable wallpaper.






Textured or Embossed Paintable Wallpaper on Furniture


As an example of how easy it is to transform a piece of furniture using embossed, paintable wallpaper, the images above and below are from annie @ She transformed two ordinary Ikea dressers into extraordinary pieces for her home using embossed paintable wallpaper and paint and she added new handles using copper pipe and leather straps. This piece went from being a R4000 cabinet to a R8000 one-of-a-kind with little effort and little expense. 









Where to Find Paintable Wallpaper

There are quite a few suppliers of paintable, anaglypta or 3D wallpaper, so simply pop 'paintable wallpaper' into your search bar and click 'shopping' to find your nearest supplier. I visited the website and they have a great selection to choose from.




Check out the range of 3D paintable wallpaper designs at





Where to Apply Paintable Wallpaper?

Like any wallpaper, you can apply it on plenty of other surfaces than walls. You can also use it to decorate a wide selection of furniture to give it a more detailed look that blends with a particular style, or for contrast when using traditional furniture to give it a modern update, as with the cabinets above.







Use textured or embossed paintable wallpaper on all types of furniture. It can be applied to cabinets and cupboards, doors, or drawer fronts, and can be used to add detail to wardrobes or built-in cupboards, kitchen cupboards, and tables of all kinds.





Without paintable wallpaper, it is difficult to achieve the level of detail that is easily and quickly achieved using the wallpaper. Simply cut the pieces to size to fit a specific area, apply an all-purpose adhesive to stick the wallpaper in place and then paint over this with your choice of paint and colour.





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