What to do with old sweaters or jerseys

So, you were digging out all your old sweaters and jerseys and discovered that fishmoths had feasted on them, leaving them looking like fishnet rather than cable knit.



Don't throw them out just yet... Here are some great ideas for re-using those old sweaters.

Take those old knitted sweaters and cut off the sleeves. Use a needle and thread to sew the bottom closed and then dress them up with decorative trim. Old sweaters make great gift containers for wine bottles or bubblebath, or any unusual shaped gift.


Dress up your home with decor that's warm and cosy during the winter months. Another way to use cut of jumper sleeves is to turn them into votive candle covers. Now your candles look as warm on the outside as they do on the inside. Dress them up with small nuts and cones or autumn leaves from the garden.



Texture is a wonderful way to layer a home with warmth, and during our cold winter months we could also use a little more warmth. When you have removed the sleeves you can still use the body of a sweater to cover up a boring lamp shade. The texture and pattern immediately warm up a space - and it didn't cost you a cent.




Keep your toes toasty and warm this winter with a hot water bottled wrapped in an old jumper. Cut the front and back section of the jumper slightly bigger than the bottle; turn inside out and machine stitch around the edges. Leave the top open to allow the bottle to be placed inside and then hand stitch closed.



Wear them indoors or outdoors, but these snuggly boot socks are easy to make from a pair of old shoes and a thick, woolly sweater.