Here's how to upcycle a sweater or jersey into cushion cover

Don't toss out your old sweaters or jerseys. If you can't donate them to someone in need, turn them into decorative cushion covers to add a warm texture to your winter living room or bedroom.


Place your cushion form onto your sweater - lining up one edge with a side of the sweater if possible. This makes one less seam for your to sew! Measure around the cushion, leaving a margin to sew. Mark and cut the sweater. Sew the two pieces together leaving a space to slip the form in. Cut away the excess sweater (save for other projects!) and turn right side out.

Slip the form inside your new cover and hand stitch the top closed. Make sure that you catch all the loose stitches - or as many as you can - top prevent any unraveling later on.





Cut the cuff off one sleeve and sew a basting stitch all the way around one end. A basting stitch is a very loose stitch that you can use to pull the edge together to close or make a ruffle.

Repeat the above process on the other edge of the cut off sleeve.

Holding one end, smoosh the shape down to create a round looking flower. Stitch the two layers together with a few small stitches. Place onto the top of the cushion and stitch into place. Add a few rosettes by taking a couple of different strips and rolling them before sewing them in place.