Pendant lamps using whisks

We recently featured an article that showed how to use a kitchen colander as a pendant light, but this design definitely takes the cake...! Seks Design recently featured whisk-y lights as part of a London display - and these pendant lights are made using whisks.


They don't tell you how to make the lamps, but the design is pretty obvious if you take a close look.



At the top of each whisk, a piece of cork has been placed inside to strengthen the design and also provide a place to mount the light bulb. The cork has been pre-dilled down the centre to allow for the lamp cord. To get the cork inside the whisk you will need to spread the individual whisk parts and squeeze in the cork.

In the stainless steel handle a pre-drilled block of wood - or cork - provides a secure mounting for the electrical cord.
Low-voltage halogen lights have been used and you can buy these, complete with transformer kit, at your local
Builders Warehouse.