Upholstered ottoman made from pallet wood

While I'm not a fan of finished pallet wood, I do like the idea of using pallet wood for projects where you can save some money and this upholstered ottoman is one of those projects.




I may have previously mentioned that I'm not a fan of pallet wood for projects, but I do like the idea of using pallet wood for projects where you can save some money, and this upholstered ottoman is one of those. When pallet wood is used in such a way that it is not visible and offers a way to make furniture on the cheap - then I'm a huge fan! Why spend money on materials for this upholstered ottoman when pallet wood provides a way to do it for free - or at little cost. Find full instructions for this project over at a piece of rainbow.





Before assembling the actual ottoman seat, the legs are attached to the underside of the base. If you are looking for great legs for your DIY projects, Gelmar have a great selection of legs and feet in a wide variety of styles, and at affordable prices.








Once the legs or feet are in place, you can start building up the ottoman seat. For this project a layer of medium density foam was placed on top of the pallet wood base and this was topped off with some scrap foam in a low density to give a comfortable seat.

After the foam pieces was a layer of batting that covered the layers and large enough to be stapled underneath the base and this was then covered in the upholstery fabric that was folded and pleated and also allowed it to be secure to the base.




You will need to temporarily remove the legs or feet in order to staple the batting and fabric underneath.






Not mentioned in the original project, but I would use a matching thread to hand sew the seams along the sides.



This is a great first-time upholstery project for a beginner as it allows you to make a comfortable ottoman at very little cost and not have to worry about any boo-boos.








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