Use Fabric Scraps and Old Clothes to Make a Rag Rug

Rag rugs are a very easy way to make use of any leftover fabric scraps or put old clothes to good use, and rag rugs are very easy to make.


When you have growing children and a job that requires you to dress smartly, you usually end up with a lot of clothes in closets, clothes that are too old to wear or that no longer fit. While I try to donate some of my old clothes, there are times when clothing is stained or holey and only good for the rubbish bin. But now there's a way to put all your old clothes to very good use - by making a rag rug.







Megan Nielsen is a blogger and designer that shares her passion for sewing and making, and have a variety of clothing patterns on her website. She also shares a few of her home projects as well, including the instructions for making your own circular rag rug.


There isn't a step-by-step pictorial guide for making the rag rug, but I have included a video that takes you step-by-step through the project - see video below.

For this rag rug, Megan uses a selection of pink, white and grey fabric scraps - both stretchy and non-stretch.


Fabric scraps and old clothes cut into 25mm-wide strips

Sewing machine and sewing accessories

Painter's tape








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