Recycle Old Bowls, Glasses, and Vases into Decorative Holders

Recycling items that you no longer use is a wonderful way to try something new and these decorative holders can be used indoors or outdoors and are easy to make in an hour or so.






Recycling crafts have always been my favourite type of project - taking something old or no longer used and turning it into practical items. In the last couple of years, recycling crafts seem to have fallen by the wayside and you don't have them popping up as often as they used to be. Sad really, because recycling isn't a trend - it should be a lifestyle, a habit that we continue with and look for better ways to make do with less.



This recycling project looks at how you can use bowls, glasses, or vases that you no longer need and turn them into decorative holders. What is also fun about this project is that you can use these items for both indoor and outdoor use and they would look equally great on a patio or indoor coffee table. You can also use the decorative holders at parties and special occasions to serve up treats or have them purely for decoration.


Let's get started!





Items to use for the holders

Strong glue

Rust-Oleum spray paint



OPTIONAL: Spraying station






Step 1 - Preparation

Remove any sticky labels and then clean and dry the items you will be using for this project. If there are cracks or dings, or even missing bits, you can repair these with Alcolin epoxy putty - a product you will find at any Builders store.







Step 2

To secure the items together in a sturdy arrangement, you need to use strong glue that is suitable for the items you are joining together. If they are ceramic, make sure that the glue works well with ceramic items, and the same applies to plastic or glass items. You can also use a hot glue gun for this, but do make sure that the glue is out of sight or it will look messy when you apply spray paint.





Step 3

Follow the instructions for the glue or adhesive you are using to secure the pieces together. Allow sufficient drying time.





Step 4

The trick to using different items to make these decorative holders is spray paint. Spraying the entire assembly will spray paint will disguise the fact that there are different pieces joined together. If you use Rust-Oleum spray paint, make sure to use one that is a primer and paint in one. Shake the can well before and during use as you spray the entire assembly. If you need to move the item around to spray other areas, wait until it is completely dry before you do.







Make a spray painting station to protect your surroundings - instructions below!





Painting Tip

Rust-Oleum has a huge selection of spray paint colours, including metallic, and also has a range of stone-effect sprays that would be perfect for this type of project.





Make a Portable Spray Painting Station

Using spray paint is messy and these it always a possibility of stray paint being misted on the surroundings, dripped on the floor, or messed on your hands. The best way to spray anything is to use a spray station similar to the one shown in the video below, or covering everything with drop cloths. It is easy to build a spray painting station with a cardboard box and the video below explains how simple it is.








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