Concrete and reclaimed wood coat rack

Here's a fun and practical way to combine reclaimed wood and concrete. Use incandescent light bulbs to cast concrete knobs for a handy coat rack.

This coat rack is strong enough to hold a good number of coats, and looks pleasing to the eye with its concrete knobs.


Reclaimed wood for the coat rack

Incandescent light bulbs for the knobs

Polyfilla Rockset

Long-nose pliers

Lag screw

Rubber mallet




1. Use long-nose pliers to carefully remove the top of the incandescent light bulb. Break the ceramic top and pull out the inner workings of the bulb so that you have a cast for the concrete knobs.

2. Mix up a batch of Polyfilla Rockset according to the instructions on the pack. Slowly pour this into the empty light bulb. Tap the bulb gently to remove any air bubbles that might be trapped.

3. Push the lag screw through a piece of cardboard so that about 8 centimetres of screw protrudes through the board. The other end of the screw is then submerged into the Rockset. Leave this to set for 2 to 3 days.

4. Wrap the light bulb in newspaper and tap with a rubber mallet to break the glass away from the hard Rockset filling. DO wear gloves and safety glasses when doing this, and make sure that the bulb is well covered with newspaper. Wrap up the broken glass and dispose of safely.


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