Wood grain vinyl transforms old cabinet

Here is a perfect example of how you can so easily repurpose ugly furniture into a beautiful piece at very little cost. A roll of wood grain self-adhesive vinyl is cut out to a flower design and applied to the painted unit.


Lucinda Henry at Shakti Space Designs has done an amazing job in transforming and repurposing an old cabinet. Using paint and wood grain self-adhesive vinyl she has turned a really awful cabinet into a modern piece fit for any home. Destined for the trash heap, this repurposed furniture now has a new life and looks gorgeous to boot...!

So how was this amazing transformation done...

Whatever piece you find is sure to need some sanding down before painting. If the finish is in fairly good condition you might get away with a light sanding to remove any minor defects, but for ancient and built up layers of paint and varnish you will need to get out your orbital sander and equip yourself with 60-. 120- and 240-grit sanding pads.



With all the spraying taking place outdoors, good thing this cabinet has seen better days and I'm not claiming it's a perfect piece of furniture. Each time I had scheduled to spray a layer it would be extremely windy. I finally snatched a few still mornings to spray on some coats. Use Rust-Oleum 2X satin blossom white to spray all the sections with light, even coats. If you spray too close to the surface you will end up with runs, so have the spray at about 30cm away from the surface.

Source a design for your cabinet. Lucinda chose a chrysanthemum design. I have included a design that you can use for this project. Click here to download the PDF.



In order to transfer the copied design to the vinyl I used chalk on the back of the copy and rubbed the entire surface. I turned the copy over and traced that design onto the vinyl. Once that was all traced I was ready to cut the design with an craft knife.

Applying the design was easy. A little more time consuming than I anticipated though. I was hoping to stick the vinyl on the top, then pull the backing off in one fell swoop. However, with all of the drawers, doors and trim it would not have gone smoothly. So, it ended up being a puzzle.

That's okay. It gave me time to ponder my dreams as I brought this cute creation to life.