Cardboard tubes = Makeup holder

Kitchen towels, wrapping paper, or anything else on a cardboard tube - use the tubes to make a makeup holder.


This makeup organiser won't cost you much if you recycle cardboard tubes from items you already use. Plus, you can choose your own covering using wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper or any leftover paper you have.

It's really easy to make...

1. Cut the tubes to the desired length. You ideally want 7 to 8 holders of varying heights and a base to hold them all in place.

2. Gather together your selection of wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper and some ModPodge. If you can't find ModPodge, substitute with clear acrylic sealer that you can buy at any Prominent Paints store. Cover the cardboard tube with a liberal layer of ModPodge, cut the paper to approximate size - leaving extra at the top and bottom for folding inside the tube - and wrap the tubes. You will then apply ModPodge to the outside of the covered tube.



GOOD TO KNOW: Use ModPodge to close off the end of the paper and to stick the top and bottom pieces inside the tube.

3. Choose a paint colour that coordinates with your choice of wrapping paint to paint inside the tubes and then apply ModPodge once the paint is dry..

GOOD TO KNOW: You can choose colourful patterns and designs for your makeup organiser.


4. Use a hot glue gun to add embellishments to the top of your cardboard tubes. Don't be shy - you can trim with a single colour ribbon, tape or paper, or add something bold and bright. Paint the base tray in a colour that matches the trim - or the papers.

5. Use a hot glue gun to secure the tubes onto the base and voila... your makeup organiser is ready for use!


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