Make a reclaimed wood or pallet ladder towel rack for a bathroom

Ever since I acquired a couple of wood pallets I have been on a high making various projects using the reclaimed wood pallets. This ladder towel rack is a quick and very easy project to make and I have added some tips and tricks for finishing the reclaimed wood towel ladder at the bottom.


I managed to obtain a couple of wood pallets and looking for ideas on how to use these. This ladder towel rack is a quick and easy project to make and I have included some tips and tricks in this article for finishing the reclaimed wood towel ladder. To make the ladder useful you can get best towel ideas from Towel Reviewer.

Before you start working with reclaimed wood, make sure that you remove all nails or screws. These can seriously damage your tools and cause harm if not removed. For this reclaimed wood towel ladder I sanded using 80- and then 120-grit sanding pads. How much sanding you do is entirely up to you and the finished look you want for your towel ladder. If you want a totally rustic look, you still need to do some light sanding with 120-grit to remove any loose bits and splinters, especially if you are making a towel rack.

To make sure that the towel ladder sits nicely against the wall use a mitre saw, jigsaw or circular saw to cut the bottom of the sides at a 15-degree angle.

Cut sections for the rails. The size all depends on how tall or wide you want your towel ladder to be. My legs are 1200mm long and the rails are 500mm wide. Use 5 x 75mm screws to attach the rails and sides together. Countersink the holes before screwing together, so that the screw heads are just below the surface and don't stick out.





Finishing your reclaimed wood towel ladder
After sanding the reclaimed wood you might want to darken the colour. I used my Dremel VersaFlame to lightly burn the surface of the wood and bring out the grain.

After burning I applied Woodoc antique oak gel stain. Below you can see the difference between the burnt section and that not burnt. Gives a much darker colour.

To finish off apply Woodoc antique wax to protect the wood and give it a satin finish that is nice and smooth.

Buy all your tools and supplies for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.