New Look for Old Decor

Sometimes all you need is a can of paint and you can transform dated or mismatched decor accessories easily and quickly.






When you accumulate photo frames over time, they usually don’t match one another – or your home decor. One of the easiest ways to bring consistent style to your frame grouping is to change the colour of the frames.



When you’re painting picture frames that are textured or that are made out of different materials, Rust-Oleum spray paint is your best bet. After a couple of coats of paint, the frames will be tied together by a common colour but maintain their unique details.











You can also use Rust-Oleum spray paint to change the look of dated decor. Use Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint on ceramic or plastic vases and bottles to match them to your decor. Adding details using puff paint and air-dry clay gives items a completely new look.





It's so easy to repurpose old pieces of furniture with paint and accessories. This old chest of drawers got new bun feet and castors to make turn it into a mobile cart for indoors or out on the patio. A painted and distressed finish, with new knobs and wood top finish off the project.



Need to update dark furniture... no problem! With some sanding down to remove varnish or paint, you can transform any furniture with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. This bedside table was sprayed with Gloss White and then mosaic tiles attached to the top to complete the look.





Transform secondhand finds with a little cleaning and some spray paint and you have unique decor accessories for your home. Make sure that you clean projects to be sprayed well and that they are dry before spraying.