Upcycle a bamboo blind into a lamp shade

Home-Dzine - Don't throw out your old bamboo blinds - take them apart and use them to makeover a dated lamp or pendant shade for a contemporary look. Isabella and Max Rooms shows you how easy it is to do this project easily and quickly.



Old bamboo blind
Lamp shade
Hot glue gun
Rust-Oleum 2X primer
Rust-Oleum 2X white
Rust-Oleum clear gloss if you prefer a natural finish
Tape measure
220-grit sandpaper




To make this fixture, begin by measuring the diameter and height of the shade. Add one 2 cm to the height and cut enough bamboo lengths to cover the circumference of the shade, plus a few centimetres to account for any surprises. Cut the lengths from straight pieces of bamboo and set aside any sticks that are too bent.

If you own a Dremel MultiTool, it makes quick and easy work of cutting the bamboo to length.

After cutting the bamboo, lightly sand the ends to remove rough edges by twirling the sticks on a piece of sandpaper. Lay the lengths down on a surface to paint. Space the lengths slightly apart for better paint coverage. Spray the lengths with primer and wait twenty minutes until dry to the touch. Turn the bamboo over and spray the other side with primer. Wait twenty minutes until dry to the touch. Repeat these two steps with paint, and if you choose a natural finish, skip the primer and spray with clear gloss.

Once the painted bamboo is dry, begin attaching the lengths to the shade using a hot glue gun. Start at the shade seam......and work around the shade. Make sure to vary the size of adjacent lengths of bamboo. While the diameter of the bamboo is fairly consistent, some lengths are thicker than others. Also vary the placement of the "nodes" on adjacent lengths to create a balanced pattern.

To attach the lengths of bamboo apply a small bead of glue on the band at the top and bottom edge of the shade.

Position the bamboo over the glue and hold in place for a few seconds while the glue sets. This is the point where I knew I was going to LOVE this shade, seeing the interesting shadows and texture created by the bamboo running around the shade surface!

Continue to attach the bamboo lengths around the entire shade, checking to ensure the bamboo is being attached perpendicular to the bottom edge of the shade. Finally, install the pendant fixture kit and hang the lampshade on its hardware.