Luminous coffee table with washing machine drum

If you're replacing your old washing machine we show you a way to turn a stainless steel drum into a luminous coffee table.


If you are looking to replace your old washing machine with a more energy efficient model, we show you how easy it is to turn a stainless steel washing machine drum into a luminous coffee table. This coffee table has hidden spotlights that create a luminous effect inside the drum once switched on, and the laminated pine or plywood top provides the perfect surface for the coffee table. You can purchase laminated pine or plywood and all the supplies needed for this project at Builders Warehouse.


Stainless steel washing machine drum

Laminated pine or plywood

Low-voltage spotlights [2] and junction box

3-core electrical cable and plug

Eureka 6mm cup square bolts and nuts [4]

Castor wheels, 50mm [3]


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Jigsaw plus clean-cut and steel blades

Orbital sander plus 180-grit sanding pads

Steel file



Tape measure and pencil




Remove the drum from your old washing machine. You will only need the drum for this project. Clean and polish the drum ready for use.

1. Cut an opening at the bottom of the drum using a jigsaw and steel blade. Use a steel file to remove any burrs or rough edges.

2. Cut the laminated pine or plywood table top to the same diameter as the stainless steel drum. Sand smooth.

3. Mount the [2] spotlights on the inside of the drum using bolts and nuts. Place these inside the bottom of the drum (where you cut the opening).

4. Secure the junction box to the inside of the drum using bolts and nuts at the bottom (where you cut the opening). Thread the wires from the spotlights into the junction box and connect up.

5. The junction box allows you to fit two lamps but only have one electrical cord coming out of the box to wire up with a plug.

6. Secure the table top onto the drum via holes drilled through the top and into the top of the drum. Secure with 90mm long square cup bolt and nut.

7. Secure the castor wheels to the base of the drum using nuts and bolts. The swiveling wheels make it easier to move for easy cleaning.



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