Divinus... A table made from recycled materials

The idea behind Divinus was to design a product made using everyday waste material that would allow the user to take part in its construction, and invite them to simply and creatively experience the concepts of sustainability.


Designed to 'savour the good times', the tables in the Divinus range invite you to partake in great moments enjoyed around  the table.

In ancient civilizations, the table consisted of an object that stimulated the sharing of emotions and feelings. Large tables and the relationship which we have with them today did not yet exist in those times and small tables were carried around to different settings: whether in the living room, bathroom, dining room or outdoors.



DVINUS is a collection of portable tables to experience and savour moments of pleasure. Personal interaction with the product strengthens our bond with it, in addition to inviting the user to reflect on our current lifestyle.

Designed to be made using recycled materials,  Divinus tables are the result of the marriage of the organic forms of wooden cut-offs (or wood of certified origin) and recycled wine bottles.

Different wooden boards are transformed into tables thanks to the balance provided by the weight of the bottles, which also act as legs, to form a table, side table, or coffee table. The aim is to generate as many feelings and emotions as possible with a minimum of materials and processes.

"The chosen material consisted of wine bottles (the glass and corks), given that it comprises an age-old drink which fascinates and inspires me, and because it forms part of our culture, symbolising magical moments of union, pleasure, gatherings, celebrations, good food and conversation", says Tati Guimaraes, the designer behind the Divinus range and found of Ciclus.








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