Colourful Craft Ideas for Recycling Plastic Bottles

Everyone on the planet needs to recycle plastic more than we do to keep plastic off our landfills and out of our oceans, so here are some colourful crafts that use plastic bottles and bottle caps.


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Plastic waste takes up a lot of space on landfills and dumps, it gets washed down rivers and streams into our oceans, it litters our streets. We all need to make more of an effort to recycle plastic waste and we have some colourful craft ideas that use plastic bottles and bottle caps.

Plastic bottles come in all colours and shapes and this makes them ideal for a variety of colourful craft projects, from making a fun display for an outside wall to a colourful curtain using shapes cut out from coloured plastic bottles.







Plastic bottle caps have just as many uses and can be turned into a variety of colourful accessories and fun accent projects. All you have to do is set aside space where you can store plastic bottles and caps to have enough for your projects. - 460915343114482010/?nic_v1=1aJIhxys%2FVgaoATUqUBh78pH9J%2F6nwbIK3Ou7KnxGkvy44MYSiG32I3m0AlSlaH5kO


Make Colourful Placemats with Plastic Bottle Caps

Making your own placemats is a fun way to recycle plastic bottle caps, and you have the option to use a single colour or two or more colours. The caps can be glued together with quick-setting epoxy glue or you can use a hot glue gun. Once you have glued the caps together to make your placemats, these can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Why not make your own placemats in colours that complement your table decor. Or dress up a table for a party or celebration?


Make Party Decorations with Coloured Plastic Bottles

Bought party decorations don't come cheap and yet you can save yourself a bundle by making your own. Plastic bottles and bottle caps offer a free way to make your own party decorations and you are doing a bit of recycling at the same time. Think theme and birthday parties, 21st celebrations, even DIY weddings - there are so many ways to recycle plastic bottles and caps into fun and quirky party decor. - 181199584980072274/?nic_v1=1a1UDzcb8QVk7b8TIA2pRYhdGOfDuhVqxbMltiY%2BbzJhC8%2BTdep5zwCSEHyIiDYFTE


Both of these party decorations are made using coloured plastic water bottles. In the decoration below, the bottles still have the tops on them and are then cut into thin strips to form spirals that are hung down to create a colourful cascading waterfall of plastic bottles.







Colourful bottles make perfect party decorations - and they don't cost you a cent! - 181199584980072274/activity/tried/


To make your own plastic bottle decorations, if you only have clear bottles and want to add colour to these, use a glass or alcohol paint. Leave the bottle tops intact and cut spirals from the rest of the bottle. These can be hung in any direction. - 104568022585003553/?nic_v1=1aXT%2BThH8%2FSnhylOqdB31lgrlYPRjUQHNOnB9KlBseiPnNU6J2tTlONToU7lfNB73d


Make your own party lighting with coloured plastic bottles. For this project, use sharp scissors or a craft knife to remove the base of the bottle. This section resembles a 5-petal flower. Glue these together using a hot glue gun and make a circular shape that can fit onto an existing pendant light. Only use LED globes, as these don't reach a high temperature and won't be unsafe when mounted close to the plastic shade. - 548242954623935453/?nic_v1=1akX6%2BKICP%2FvBWnSeuisRvBjbS66gtK17XclN5h8KmiIobDI5bv2pjD1dxi%2B8ZGiwo


One of a Kind Decor

If your style borders on quirky or fun, there is plenty of ways that you can recycle plastic bottles into colourful and unusual home decor. For example, I love the candleholders, below, made by simply cutting off the bottom section of the bottle and applying heat to create unique designs. - 237916792794715662/?nic_v1=1a3R3D%2BYh4s5x3EiTpML3yTiiDWdt1LVaJf9OW0wVQLRgmDmqZL7DlLF8Qx8Xxzc9R

There's nothing wrong with being quirky and wanting a bit of fun, like these colourful pavement trees made using coloured recycled plastic bottles. I reckon they would make a very eye-catching feature in the garden and add a lovely splash of colour - all while recycling plastic bottles.

No matter what you make or what you do with your plastic bottle waste - do what you can! Look for ways that you can put plastic bottles to good use, either as practical items or as a bit of fun for the home. At the end of the day, you have made a difference by keeping plastic bottles off the rubbish dumps. - 451767406342967011/?nic_v1=1aafDOMWyp1ukDEiXuPNEG8xwdwEWZA1effq7rxBXYq2%2FQSEQLwZsUqnZoaaHg9ZBO



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