Repurposed furniture

When you get given a piece of furniture, or find a decent bargain, it's nice to know that you can repurpose or upcycle the piece to make it more relevant to your home.


Upcycling a piece of furniture is an easy way to make a piece more relevant for your use and to design it to match whatever furniture you already have in your home. In this instance a wooden table was transformed into a comfortable and trendy stool without too much effort.

The table itself was in a sad state of disrepair, and the style just didn't match any existing decor in the home.

The top of the table was removed and a jigsaw used to cut out the shape around the edge. To get the basic shape, the bottom frame was placed on the underside of the table and a rough outline drawn. This was then cut out.

The table frame was primed and painted with Rust-Oleum 2X so that it would be ready for upholstery.

If you plan on making a tufted seat you need to drill all the holes beforehand. You will also need a paper pattern that you can transfer onto your fabric to allow for a pretty diamond pattern when you upholster. A good rule of thumb is to allow the holes for the fabric pattern to be spaced at least 50mm larger than the seat base. For example: If your holes in the base are 200mm apart, on the fabric pattern make them 250mm apart. Doing it this way will ensure you have plenty of fabric to give the pleated diamond shapes.

Use a long upholstery needle (much longer than the one shown) and tough thread to sew through the base, the foam cushion and batting, and out through the fabric. Repeat this through to the back and tie off before repeating again for as many holes as you have. In this stool there are 7 holes in total.

Once you've tufted the top you can mount this onto the frame. Use some decorative trim to wrap around the edge, fastened down with a glue gun.