Create vintage stencil designs

Using reclaimed or pallets is still trending and in this article you will find out how easy it is to add your own stencil wording to whitewashed planks.

You can use this easy effect to transfer your own custom wording onto a variety of projects. Download free fonts from the Internet to make vintage or custom signs.


Ink jet printer and paper

Wood for sign with whitewashed or chalk paint finish

Acrylic paint, black or dark grey


Artist's paintbrushes

Tool for rubbing




1. Print out your wording (in reverse) in BEST quality. You need as much ink as possible in the wording to make it easier to transfer onto your wood.

2. Place the printed wording face down on the board. Wet the back of the paper with a paintbrush. Not too wet or the paper will tear easily.

3. Working quickly, rub over the wording with a blunt instrument to transfer the ink onto the surface of your painted wood plank.

4. Use watered down craft paint and artist's paintbrush to darken the wording, if necessary. Some printers offer better success with this project than others. Using the BEST setting on your printer should give you good results. 


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