Tea, coffee, sugar containers from plastic bottles

Don't know if I am the first the come up with this idea, but I thought of another great way to recycle and repurpose plastic bottles... into tea, coffee and sugar containers. If you cut them just right, they are also airtight as well.


Still have plenty more spin-off projects from this one that I will be posting shortly, as soon as they are finished - so keep an eye out for more great ways to use plastic bottles!

I am beginning to think that there is no limit to uses for plastic containers and that's good news. If we can find ways to repurpose and not throw out, that's a big plus for the environment.

These nifty containers are perfect for storing almost anything, but I immediately thought of tea, coffee and sugar canisters. You could also use them in the bathroom for storing small essentials as well. Or let the kids store crayons and small stationary supplies in them.





For each cannister you will need 2 plastic bottles. One must be cut as shown above and one as below. I use a sharp craft knife to roughly cut the bottle and then a pair of sharp scissors to cut each bottle to the right shape.