Recycle an old fan into a colourful planter

Anyone who has a fan knows they don't last long these days - so turn that broken fan into a colourful planter for your patio or balcony.


Turning an old fan into a planter for a colourful selection of succulents is one way to repurpose and recycle. This fan planter will add a splash of colour to any patio or balcony, and is easy to do in under an hour.



All you really need for this project is... an old fan of course, some chicken wire, steel or plastic mesh, and a selection of colourful succulents.

Trim the mesh to fit the size of the fan. If you're using steel mesh or chicken wire DO wear safety gloves to protect your hands from the sharp edges.

You need two pieces similar to the above for the front and back sections of the fan, as well as a long, thin pieces to fill in around the edge (between the front and back).

The choice is yours whether to leave the fan as is (rusty) or to spray it in a new colour. If you prefer to change the colour, do this after you have attached the mesh.

Use florist's wire or thin gauge wire to secure the mesh around the fan frame.

Secure the mesh all the way around where it fits - front and back.

Now you need to pack with moss inside around the edge, to hold the soil firmly in place and then pack the centre portion with light soil. Succulents aren't fussy, but they don't like to stay wet. A lightweight soil and moss will ensure the fan planter drains easily.

GOOD TO KNOW: Place a cardboard box underneath the fan as you pack with moss and then soil.

Now you are ready to plant up with your selection of succulents. Shop at garden centres for succulents in different colours and shapes, as these will really add interest to your fan planter.


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