Shoebox transforms into a Beauty Product Holder

I'm all for recycling in any way that I can and enjoy projects using cardboard boxes, like this cardboard box turned into a handy beauty product holder.


I find it very satisfying to recycle cardboard boxes in new ways and this recycled cardboard holder for your beauty products is one of those project. If you make it right and take the effort to finish off properly, there's no reason why this holder shouldn't last a long time.

For added convenience, a drawer in the base of the beauty product holder is ideal for storing smaller items like makeup brushes and odds and ends that you use on a regular basis.


Cardboard shoebox

Extra cardboard

Clear sellotape or hot glue gun

Paint or patterned paper to cover

Modpodge or clear acrylic sealer

Craft knife and scissors


1. You will need a cardboard shoebox for this project. The better the quality of the box - the better your finished project will be.

2. The lid from the shoebox will be used to make the drawer that fits into the base of the unit. Use the lid to mark the location at the bottom of the front of the box and cut this out with a sharp craft knife.

3. Since the lid is bigger than the box you will need to trim to fit. Use tape and glue to fasten the end back on to make a small drawer.



GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure that the drawer fits easily into the opening.

4. At this stage of the project you can decide whether you want to paint your project, or cover with a pretty patterned paper. These boxes were painted with acrylic paint in a blushing pink colour.

5. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit over the top of the drawer and use tape or hot glue to secure this in place.

6. Cut cardboard shapes for the sides of the box and tape or hot glue in place. These ends can be as high as you wish.

Repeat for the other side.



7. Also cut a piece of cardboard for the back of the box. This will be at the same height as the side pieces.

8. Cut a centre divider and any other dividers you need to store your beauty products. Tape or hot glue to hold in place.

Finish off with a pretty bead or small knob to embellish the drawer front.



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