Light entertainment

Light and paper are always a good combination, and indirect lighting can be such a nice way to soften the feeling in a room. The translucency of vellum and the texture of the handmade paper is what makes this project really stand out. Add a little bit of a three-dimensional design and the impact of this simple project will be self-evident.


Big ball of fun!
Move over, papier-mâché. This project takes rustic to funky new levels. Place a couple of layers of newspaper on your work surface. Coat long lengths of twine with Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue. Then enlist a friend to hold and turn an inflated round balloon as you guide twine around the circumference.

Be sure to apply twine to every area of the balloon, leaving enough spaces for light to emerge. When dry, pop and remove the balloon, then hang with a pendant light kit and an oversize bulb.

Dish up some unique style!
We see plenty of pendant lamps in kitchen spaces, but this charming twist makes them bedroom-ready. Simply use your Bosch Drill/Driver and a 6mm drill bit for steel to drill a hole in the bottom of an enamelware bowl.





DIY Tip:
Clamp the bowl securely before drilling into the base. If you find it difficult to drill into the base, start with a smaller sized drill bit.

Turn upside down and insert a halogen accent light, securing with silicone sealer. To dress up the cord, fold plain or coloured ribbon around it and glue with fabric adhesive, forming an inverted seam. Finish off with a decorative bow.

Light up a bottle
Simple and elegant, this is a great project for beginners and super speedy to boot.
Secondhand stores are brimming with pretty bottles. Find a pretty translucent bottle, an appropriately sized shade to match and a lamp fitting.

Use your Bosch drill and a diamond tipped glass and tile cutter to drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle to thread 2-wire electrical cord through the base. Top off the bottle with a simple cork fitting. Voila! A new lamp without drilling even one hole.